A Christmas Tree Just for Dogs

November 10, 2019 2 Comments

A Christmas Tree Just for Dogs

Are those not the cutest Christmas dog photos ever?  I had to share the Jack Russell photo but felt it was necessary to cover up his boy parts for the sake of not offending anyone.  You should have seen me trying to manipulate the text just right!  But I digress.  If you are a dog mom like me then you're probably here to learn how to give your fur babies the best dog theme tree ever in their honor.  And let me tell you that creating a tree just for your dogs is so simple and oh so much FUN!  

I recommend getting a good quality ribbon that has some sort of dog motif.  For instance find something with dog bones or paw prints.  I was never able to find the perfect ribbon for this in the Christmas isle.  I recommend you look in the ribbon isle of your craft store or just order the best ribbon I have found for you!  Check out the Paw Print ribbon here.  I used one roll on my 7.5ft tree.  I love that it's bold red and the black paw prints really stand out.  Hello, my Georgia Bulldog Fans!

Next, I recommend you add lots of whimsical picks to your tree and dog themed picks are even better.   I offer two variations of dog bones that are perfect for stylizing your tree.  I used 1 set of each of the Dog Bone Sprays Option A & Dog Bone Sprays Option B.  Watch the video to see how I use the picks.  

Now, add all the dog related ornaments you can find!  And get creative!  You can stuff anything into a tree.  Add dog toys, bones, a water bowl, dog leashes and collars! And don't forget to add even more things to the base of the tree.   Check out my glittery Christmas Puppy Lanterns that are perfect for your tree! 

I offer two styles of ornaments for you that are very special pieces.  What I love about both styles is that they are large, detailed, and vibrant which makes an impression.  I have 1 set of each style displayed on my 7.5ft tree.  

The Plush Dog Ornaments come in a set of 6 and are 7.5'' in height.  The glass round ornaments come in a set of 4 and are 5'' in height.  




Just stop it with all this cuteness!  So, get busy dog moms!  If you have any questions please comment below.  I would love to hear from you and I would love to see your creations.

Watch this video to see our Christmas Collections come to life! 



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Karla Mundy
Karla Mundy

July 09, 2021


I am a christmas tree decorator and wondering about the paw print ribbon used to decorate the christmas tree for dogs.

Thank you,


December 01, 2020

Will you be getting anymore of the red/white dog bone pics?
Thanks, joanne

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