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A Simple Approach to Decorating Trees: Choose a Theme

July 30, 2019

A Simple Approach to Decorating Trees: Choose a Theme

Christmas is fast approaching and I want you to have fun decorating this year!  I decorate many theme trees in my home for the holidays and they are so fun to do.  Theme trees should be a reflection of you and what brings joy in your life.  Do you love to cook?  Play a sport?  Animal lover?  Disney fan?  Wine drinker? Coffee addict?  Whatever it may be use this as inspiration.  Christmas Trees are a reflection of your style and personality.  The theme list is endless once you start thinking about your hobbies, collections, or even favorite foods!

Take for example, my love for Disney World!   My Disney tree is the topic of conversation during Christmas gatherings.  People of all ages love this tree.  And it was super simple to throw together because I had tons of Disney stuff on display around my home.  (Side note: If you have never visited Disney at Christmas then I highly recommend attending the Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom.   It’s so much fun and will surely put you in the Christmas spirit.)     


To create this look, I secured my 19 yr old Fantasia hat to the top using floral wire.  I had the plush Mickey and Minnie dolls from 2008 that I secured near the middle for balance.  And who doesn’t have a pair of Mickey Hands?  These were perfect for shoving into the tree.  In fact, adding items that you wouldn’t normally see in a tree is a designer secret.   

To secure bulky items to the branches, I recommend you use green floral wire found in the floral department from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  

I also used red and green ornaments with a mirror like finish inside the tree to help reflect light and to make the tree look fuller which is another designer tip!  And every single Disney ornament on this tree is what I have collected from my many trips to Disney thru the years.   It really is the most magical place on earth!

Always complete your look by setting theme related items at the base of the tree. You can see that I have some very large Disney items that I put under mine.  

Not only are you going to love your theme tree but it will become the topic of conversation among your guests so display your tree in area that everyone will be able to enjoy it.

To see my M&M theme tree check out my video here.  

Let me know what theme you decide to do? I’d love to hear from you! 



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