4 Ways You Can Style The Clutch Bag

June 11, 2019

4 Ways You Can Style The Clutch Bag

The humble clutch bag is a must have summer staple for many of us. Having a small light-weight bag that means those non-essentials can be left at home, and just those items for a care-free summer can be taken on our travels. In our first ‘Get the Look’ blog, I will show you how to style the classic Becca cross body/clutch for this seasons vacation.

The City Explorer Look

If you’re heading to a European city like London or Paris this summer, chances are you’ll be running around the city taking in that beautiful architecture, wonderful museums of sampling some great wine. Keeping your essentials close by with the Becca clutch is a great way to explore.

To take account for the sometimes unpredictable summer weather, I recommend teaming up the Saddle Brown Becca Clutch with a distressed look denim jacket. Combining this with black pants or leggings and a simple black t-shirt is a great way to stay on trend with the city look. Picking out either simple black pumps or sneakers or tan brown sandals is a great way to complete this city ready outfit, depending on your preferred style of dressing and lifestyle.

The Alfresco Dinner Look

If you’re anything like me, one of the great joys of summer vacations is early evening alfresco dinners. Kicking back with great food, great company and a great view is such a wonderful way to enjoy those summer nights. Being able to pack some cash and a cell phone in a clutch makes it a super convenient and stylish way to enjoy your evening.

To enjoy those summer evenings to the full, I recommend teaming up a soft pastel shade of the becca clutch, perhaps Lemon or Light Cyan, with a maxi dress picking out the accent color of your chosen bag. Accessorize with fun costume jewelry, and top off the look with either flats or heels.

The Beach and Lunch Look

A day at the beach and lunch is one of the top ways for me to spend my days when I'm with the family on vacation. This sometimes can be a tricky occasion to dress for, particularly if your dining at a more formal restaurant. Luckily, the becca clutch again provides the versatility for this type of summer vacation day.

Regardless of the color you choose, pairing the becca clutch with a flowing gypsy dress is a great way to go. Whether you’re heading into the ocean for a cool swim, or simply taking in the scenery, the gypsy dress allows a comfortable and manageable look. Choosing a simple floral patterned dress and partnering with a becca clutch close on the colour palette achieves a casual, but refined look. Team up with sandals to finish off this outfit.

The Shopping Look

Ok, I have to admit, a day of shopping is one of my guilty pleasures whilst on vacation! Whether it’s independent boutiques or a fancy shopping mall, i’m a sucker for shopping when it’s just too hot for the beach. Having the becca clutch with me is a must, giving me free hands for those shopping bags.

A pair of well fitted jeans would always be my go to for a shopping day. Teaming up a stonewash blue jean with the Pink or Light Gray becca clutch would always be my choice. Either a simple t-shirt or flowing blouse adds style, yet comfort for those naughty but nice shopping spree.

What’s your favorite way to style your clutch bag? I’d love to hear from you!






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